The C Disc™ is a mobile and highly efficient diver-operated tool for harvesting various species from the seabed.

It is designed to increase catch rates compared to traditional hand-picking by divers, can easily be deployed and powered from small boats, and configured in ways to achieve the highest possible dive-time efficiency. The diver operates a suction hose with a nozzle to collect urchins with an average recorded catch rate of 1.5 urchins per second. 

In areas that are difficult to access and, as an example, very shallow water, the C Disc can be configured in several ways to give an extended outreach, while the diver is operating a suction nozzle that is suitable for the seabed conditions. 

The C Disc can be configured in several ways either you prefer to bring the catch into a net, into a boat or straight to shore.

The C Disc is tested by Akvaplan-niva in Norway and The Marine Institute in Canada with all over very good results. 

Configurations of the C Disc Highlights from reports after testing Invasive species See it in action The C Disc is protected by the following patents