The C Disc™

The C Disc™

Due to the topology of the seabed near shore with its rocky and rough formations, we believe there will always be a need for divers to operate efficiently in these areas. The experience and knowledge of divers are not easily replaced.

The C Disc is developed for optimizing the dive-time. The C Disc™ is a mobile and highly efficient diver-operated tool for harvesting various species from the seabed.

The C Disc™ is designed to increase the catch rate, compared to traditional hand-picking by divers. In addition, it can be configured to transfer the catch directly to the boat so that the diver doesn’t need to break up the work to return with the catch. That way, the diver can fully utilize the dive-time by focusing on the harvesting.

In areas that are difficult to access and, as an example, very shallow water, the C Disc™ can be configured to give an extended outreach from the boat, and the catch is collected in bags on the tool. The catch will be out of the way for the diver that can concentrate on the harvesting.

The C Disc™ can also be deployed from the land without the need for a boat for near-shore work.

The diver will be operating a suction nozzle that is suitable for the seabed conditions and the targeted species. It is efficient both for selective harvesting and a complete sweep when addressing invasive species where high volumes need to be removed.

The C Disc™ can easily be deployed and powered from a small boat and configured several ways for the highest possible dive-time efficiency.

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