Invasive Species

The battle against invasive species. 

By providing the tools for making real changes, C Robotics will be making changes globally for the battle against invasive species and not at least for the better of the oceans.  

Threats to biodiversity are being felt all over the world. After habitat loss, invasive species are the second biggest threat to global biodiversity. Aquatic invasive species pose a serious threat to the world’s waters, economy, and society. They can grow quickly, compete with native species, and alter habitats. 

C Robotics products and solutions are just as effective when being used for the “battle” against aquatic invasive species. We are already involved in projects where our products are a true and effective alternative for removal of specific aquatic invasive species, with a minimal harm to the environment. 

At the same time, we can utilize our solutions and technology to carry out ocean clean-up, such as plastic pollution, polluted masses on the seabed, fish farming waste, to mention a few.  

In summary, our company has developed effective yet gentle and sustainable tools used for large-scale harvesting from the seabed and can also be used to combat the growth of invasive species. 

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