Minimal impact

Minimal harm to the environment 

The C Bud is developed for efficient and least-destructive harvesting of bi-valves and other bottom-living resources from the seabed. The C Bud consists of a belt-driven main unit, which is controlled by an operator following operations on monitors. 

The C Bud drives itself over the seafloor using the belt mechanism while suction is used to extract the scallops from the seabed. Our patented suction mechanism has a varied degree of suction pressure and lifts the catch from the seabed.

The C Bud is set up to sort out and leave behind most of the small particles and by-catch sucked up, unharmed. The footprint of the C Bud is relatively low and results from tests shows minimal or no damage to the seabed or the organisms on the seabed being passed by the belts. Approximately 75% of the harvested area is untouched by the C Bud due to the contactless harvesting method. 


Sustainability of the C Bud versus traditional draggers The C Bud The C Disc